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Dr. Karen DeBord

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Dr. Karen DeBord is the parent of a daughter age 26 and a son, age 21. She has one grand daughter, age 6, and a step daughter, age 27 who has a 6-year old son. She has worked in community parenting programs and conducted research in the areas of child development and parenting for over 30 years. Dr. DeBord is a Professor Emeritus at NC State University and has also taught at Virginia Tech and University of Missouri. She is currently mentoring star-rated child care programs in the Roanoke, Virginia area.

Tantrums, Teen dating, media overuse, anger, stress, rules...

If these and other unique issues and stressors have you frustrated or worried, then you may need assistance. Parenting is a private issue, one that is often difficult to discuss since it seems as if we are admitting personal failure. Possibility Parenting offers a listening ear with ready resources. Dr. Karen DeBord is at the heart of Possibility Parenting.

Webinars and Podcasts

Email me your question or issue. Give me as much detail as possible. I will email you back with some strategies and/or resources. Email Dr. DeBord

Stephanie Jones is a new Associate with Possibility Parenting. She and Dr. DeBord have worked together for many years. Her experiences as a parent educator are vast. To learn more about Stephanie... and more.

Virtual appointments

Dr. DeBord offers some free resources and services through the Possibility Parenting web site. In addition, you can make personal appointments by phone, in person, or email exchange. The fee for such appointments is based on time. Roughly $125 per hour (portions of an hour are allowable) is the rate of payment which can be in pre-arranged through PayPal. PayPal accepts credit cards.

Dr. DeBord also is involved on Organizational Development for groups and educational programs in child care, family life and parenting education. Such a consultation is negotiable depending on the group needs.

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